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Getting Started

Combat Header

The Combat module adds enhanced, game-ready, combat features:

  • Targeting
    • Proximity-based Targeting (with programmatic API, actions, and triggers).
    • Point-and-Click Mouse Targeting.
    • AI Targeting (requires the Behavior module).
    • Mobile UI Button Compatibility for Accessibility Module (by Pivec Labs).
    • Customizable Target Indicator.
    • Targeting by Visibility.
  • Spawn System (with optional weighted random selection).
  • Weapon Stashes (weapon carrying/switching mechanic).
  • Melee and Shooter Integration (requires Melee and/or Shooter modules).
  • Homing Projectile.
  • Support for Destructible Targets.


Combat is an extension for Game Creator. It is required - Combat will not work without it.

They can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store:

The Melee and Shooter modules are optional dependencies. Get them here:

What’s Included#

  • Full source code.
  • An examples module that contains scenes that demonstrate the features listed above.

Module Installation#

After purchasing and downloading the Combat module, it must be enabled with the Game Creator Module Manager.

Step 1: Open the Module Manager#

Open the Module Manager

Step 2: Enable the Combat Module#

Enable the Combat module

Step 3 (optional): Install the Combat Examples Module#

Install the Combat Examples module

Melee and Shooter Module Integrations#

The Combat module provides a lightweight integration to allow seamless Shooter/Melee targeting and weapon switching if the Melee module is present.

To enable the integration, simply enable the included Combat (Melee) and/or Combat (Shooter) integration modules.

Note that also included are the Combat Examples (Melee) and Combat Examples (Shooter) modules that demonstrate Melee/Shooter targeting and weapon switching.