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Next Release#

Targeting Features

  • Aim-Assist, i.e. focus on a target when the player's targeting reticule is near or on the target.

Spawner Features

  • Timer-based Spawning.

Future Release#

Targeting Features

  • Body-part Targeting.
  • Point and Click Ray-Based Shooting.
  • Target-centric Movement (while targeting), i.e. circle and move toward the target while focused on it.
  • Shoot from Cover (will require the Traversal module).

Spawner Features

  • Lootable/Drop Chance System.
  • Random Item Drop (alternative to weighted random selection).

Previous Releases#


Bug Fixes

  • The Weapon Stash component produced a null reference error in its HasWeaponDrawn method when the Shooter was not enabled.
  • The Combat Examples (Melee) demo scene had player with a Shooter component.


Targeting Feature

  • Targeter Camera Motors, optionally follow the current target with the camera while targeting or aiming with a Shooter weapon.

Bug Fixes

  • Combat Examples (Shooter) prefab weapon references have been restored.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolve various null reference issues with Shooter and Melee module integration.
  • Remove Behavior module scripts (used for asset testing) from some prefabs.



  • Shooter module is now an optional dependency. Support is now enabled through the Combat (Shooter) module.

Targeting Features

  • Additional targeting actions to support the Behavior module.
  • Improve Mouse Targeting
    • Click current target to deselect it.
    • Click no target to deselect the current target.
    • Mouse targeting now enabled through the Targeter component.

Weapon Stash Feature

  • New action to remove weapon from stash.


Targeting Features

  • New public API for Targeter component:
    • HasTarget
    • GetCurrentTarget
    • IsCurrentTarget
    • SetCurrentTarget
    • SetTargetingEnabled
    • ToggleTargetingEnabled
    • CycleToNextTarget
  • New actions to enable, disable, and toggle targeting.
  • New action to switch to next target.
  • New "On Target Changed" trigger.
  • Accessibility Module (by Pivec Labs) mobile touchstick compatibility.
  • Mouse targeting w/ optional hover indicator (i.e. Targetable can be selected with mouse).
  • Targeter's built-in user input controls can now be disabled.
  • Targeter can now be configured to not auto-acquire first/next target.

Spawning Features

  • Spawn by Weight (i.e. random spawn chance).

Bug Fixes

  • Targetable's internal event now correctly cleaned up.
  • When created from GameObject menu, a Spawner's collider now is set as a trigger by default.


  • Spawner component.


  • Melee targeting integration.
  • Weapon Stashes (weapon carrying/switching feature).


  • Removed .blend files that caused an issue when Blender was not installed.


  • Targeting by visibility.
  • Support for destructible targets.


  • Proximity-based weapon targeting.
  • Target indicator.
  • Homing projectile.